Virtual Office Services

V L Martin Enterprises’ Virtual Office service is the perfect pairing. This service accrues our Business Mail Forwarding service and our Phone Line service. This is the ultimate set-up for bringing your business up to the international level.

Having both a U.S. phone line and an address, allows you to create a virtual USA presence. No one will be any the wiser – unless you tell them.

Your contacts and customers can send correspondence to your new address and can call you on your new number. They don’t have to pay international shipping or pay ridiculously high international calling rates just to do business with you.

This works great if you have a lot of contacts in the States or it’s an excellent opportunity to increase your market into U.S. without the cost of physically setting up shop in America.

The phone lines and addresses are legitimate. You can choose to use this for all your communications or just your contacts in Land of Liberty.

If you read our other service pages, you are familiar with how the Mail Forwarding works. Any package or correspondence that is sent to your USA address comes to us first for processing.

We take receipt of the items and then photograph the outer packaging. These photos get sent along with a notification that you have a package delivery. Logging into your account allows to see what notifications you have so you can select your options for further processing.

The phone line couldn’t be simpler to set-up. There is no expensive equipment or wiring required. Simply plug the USB we provide to you into your personal computer and you are ready to go.

Anyone that calls you from the United States will be charged domestic shipping rates even if they are talking to you in your office in Australia.

It’s a great business tool to use to let your clients and vendors know that you appreciate their business and have taken steps to reduce their cost of doing business with you.

The Virtual Office packages start at a very affordable $1200.00 for an entire year’s worth of service. That’s averages out to be a mere $100 a month.

Call us to find out more about this and our other services.


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