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Overseas Businesses: Let Us Help You Become an International Presence

Quite often, businesses overseas are at a disadvantage because they are locked out of many of the opportunities available in the U.S. For them, there is a vast untapped market in the States that they can’t take advantage of because they are held back for a variety of reasons.

One of those reasons is cost. It is very costly to set up another operation in the States particularly for small businesses. By not having a U.S. presence, they can’t take advantage of purchasing perks and discounts because of international shipping restrictions.

Customers in the U.S. might be reluctant to deal with a company that’s only location is in another country. The cost of communicating with them is high, so customers choose an American business.

Pairing our Phone Line service with our Business Mail Forwarding service allows you to create a virtual U.S. presence. Your company is provided with a mailing address and a phone number that are both based in the United States.

For a small price, your company can suddenly have the coveted international presence. It adds legitimacy to your company and allows you to access the American market. You suddenly are competing and doing business on a global level.

And unbelievably, not only are you saving huge amounts of your own phone bill, but now your U.S. customers can save as well because you are both paying domestic rates on your calls.

Some scenarios that would benefit from this service:

  • An overseas business has a lot of contacts, vendors and customers in the U.S.
  • A business that wants to grow its U.S. presence, but cannot afford to establish itself in the country physically at this time.
  • An individual who had family and friends overseas and keeps in contact on a regular basis via phone.

Cease paying international calling rates! Instead, call us today and get set up with our Phone Service and start saving.

You can give this number out to anyone you choose. This is a real, working phone line that can handle incoming and outgoing calls.

You are probably thinking that this is going to cost you a bundle in set-up and equipment fees. You couldn’t be more wrong. All that is required on your end is a personal computer. The phone service set-up involves you plugging in the provided USB to your computer. That’s it.

And…there is more. This phone line also comes equipped with voicemail, call forwarding and caller ID.

Note to our business customers: Check out our Virtual Office service it is the perfect complement to the Mail and Phone Service.


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