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V L Martin Enterprises is about the options. Businesses and people are not all the same. Everyone has different needs and preferences. We pride ourselves in giving our customers the most options we can when it comes to choosing carriers and shipping methods. Our goal is to make certain what you need is available to you through our services. We never stop improving on our services. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve and refine our operations.

Over the years we have established relationships with all major carriers and that network provides us with an opportunity to offer our customers variety.

The type of shipping method and carrier you choose will be reflected in the cost. Sometimes you need something right away, so you choose the quickest option available and the higher cost is worth it in relationship to the service and speed with which you receive your items. On other occasions, time is not an issue and there is no rush attached to a package. In this case, you can choose a slower shipping method that is less expensive.

Our shipping network includes:

  • USPS Express, First Class Mail, Priority, and Flat Rate Shipping
  • FedEx and FedEx Freight for larger shipments

Here’s a quick review of the options available:


This is one of the fastest options available. It can be utilized for both domestic and international packages.

Be sure to check for the package size limits placed on this option. Tracking and insurance are both available with the method.


This method is generally recommended for regular mail items like correspondence. Because it is not the fastest method and does not provide tracking capabilities, it is not a good choice for packages.


This method is much like Express mail. We usually do not suggest using this for international shipping as the reliability is a little iffy. Stick to domestic shipments when using this method.


This is a really great option for domestic packages for which speed is not an issue. This method is a money-saver and very reliable. Please note, however, that tracking information is not provided and there are package size restrictions.


This methods scores top marks for reliability and speed. It is a great choice for international shipments.

FedEx takes the extra step of notifying recipients if extra charges and fees will be due at Customs. They also allow for online payment of those charges with a credit card.All packages shipped with this method must be picked up within 5 days of receipt or they will be returned to the shipper.


Best option for any large shipment. It is very cost-effective as well.

Any international packages that require completion of Customs forms must be handled by the recipient. Though we are able to walk you through completing those forms and answer your questions, we are not permitted to complete them on your behalf.

Customers that use this service on a regular basis may as well choose preferred methods and set them as their default choices. This prevents the need to go in and select a carrier and method for each package we process for you.


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