Personal Shopper

If you scorn shopping or simply don’t have the time – we have the perfect service for you.

V L Martin Enterprises offers Personal Shopper Services. That’s right, just like the rich folks. Our professional staff will make your purchases for you based on a list you filed us or some general preferences you speak out. The purchases are paid for out of your account and you can opt to have them shipped to us or to you directly if regulations permit. Some online web sites will not allow international shipping, but we will be happy to receive the package on your behalf and then forward it on to you. We offer the highest measures in security to protect both your personal information as well as your payment information.

It only takes a few minutes on your end to get started. Just send us a list of items you are after to purchase. You can also ask us to find a gift for someone. Let us know a bit about the recipient and their likes and dislikes and we can find the perfect gift for them on your behalf.

When our staff is shopping for your items they are not only looking for those items, they are also price shopping as well so you get the best possible deal on your acquisitions. Once we have located the items, the information will be sent to you so you can approve the purchase.

Upon receipt of your order (if you have it sent to us first), we will inspect the package for any issues you need to be aware of and we will send you photographs of the items inside the package. You can then indicate how you want us to proceed with processing the purchase.

The Personal Shopper Service is affordably priced and, if you take advantage of it regularly, it will easily pay for itself in a short period of time.

Don’t forget that if you are purchasing a gift for someone, we offer Gift Wrapping Services for a small fee. The gift will be professionally wrapped with the paper and accessories of your choice and then packaged for delivery to the location you desire.

Some benefits to using Personal Shopper:

  • Lowest shipping rates available
  • Shopping at online stores previously unavailable to you due to their international shipping policies
  • Reliable, responsive customer service
  • Package consolidation and other money saving perks

If the Personal Shopper sounds like something you are interested, give us a call and we’ll be pleased to help you get started saving time and money today!


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