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V L Martin Enterprises knows that running a business can be tough. Business owners and managers are required to spend a lot of time not only doing their job but making sure that everyone else in the company is doing their job as well. If things go wrong, it will fall on your shoulders. But, the good news in that we can help to alleviate a lot of that stress.

We offer a complete line of business services that are designed to free up your time and resources, save you money and more importantly, prevent stress. We can handle your mail and shipping needs and provide great resolutions to all your logistics issues.

By using our staff to take care of a lot of the bigger and most overwhelming tasks facing your business, you and your employees are free to address other pressing issues.

We highly recommend giving our services a try and we are confident that you will agree with us that it is the smartest business decision you could have made.


The Mail Forwarding service for our business customers operates much like the same service that we provide to our individual customers. The business service, however, comes with Personal Shopper service included plus you get the added convenience of being able to send us bigger packages and shipments.

Your shipments are received at our location and you are immediately notified of the delivery. The notification comes with photos of the packages for your review.

Logging into your account will show you all your notifications and will allow you to tell us how to process the package for delivery to your location.

All packages are forwarded back out to you within 48 hours of their arrival provided you have given us handling instructions.

Because shipping costs are so expensive, it is important to us that we get your company the very best deals out there. Our network of carriers gives you access to incredible discounts and a choice of carriers and shipping methods which allows you to control costs even further.

We challenge you to check out our competition and compare rates. We are confident that you will find that no one beats our pricing.

Business Mail Forwarding packages start at $125.00 per month.


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Customer Service

Customer service is an afflictive aspect of V L Martin Enterprises. Our representatives are committed to prompt responses and resolutions even to mostdemanding issues our customers face.

If you have any questions for us or run into any issues, please contact us at (800) 940-5504.

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