How do I obtain an address located in U.S.?
Visit our website and create an account. Once your account is set up, you will have options to select your new U.S. address as well as other preferences.
Are the addresses available physical ones or P.O. boxes?
The addresses we offer are physical street addresses which are staffed by our employees during our regular business hours. Our employees are on hand to accept delivery of your packages upon arrival.
Is this service available in all countries?
The only countries that V L Martin Enterprises does not provide its service in are the Sudan, Iran, and N. Korea. We highly recommend you look into the regulations regarding shipping in your area to confirm what is permitted and what is disallowed in your region.
What are the costs to have my package shipped to me?
V L Martin Enterprises website has a shipping calculator for your convenience. You will need to provide the weight of the package and the zip code for your location. You will also have options to choose from that include which carrier you prefer and the shipping method you want to use.
Can you help me fill out the Customs forms?
The Customs forms must be completed by you. The forms must be filled out correctly and completely to avoid problems. However, if you have any questions regarding the form and require assistance, you may contact our customer service representatives for help.

Notifications will be sent to your account once your packages arrive. These notifications allow you to see which packages have been delivered so you know what information to put on your Customs forms.

If you forget what the package contents are, you can request that we open and photograph for your confirmation. Just click on the Special Request option when you are logged into your account and fill out the appropriate information.

Are COD services available?
We do not accommodate COD requests. All purchases made for delivery items must be paid for in advance by you.
Am I able to have my regular correspondence sent to this address?
Yes, we can handle your regular mail for you at your new U.S. address, but you must select that option in your plan. If you do not arrange for us to take receipt of it and regular correspondence is received by us at that address, it will be disposed of by our staff.

We also include a Fast Mailout option for letters and magazines. The fee for this is $1.00 (one dollar). A USPS Form 1583 is required to be completed and notarized along with 2 forms of ID to use this service.

Am I able to add people onto my account?
Yes, you have a possibility to add multiple names on your account. Select the “Other Names” option in your account and complete the requested information. We may ask at any time to have any person named under the account to complete and submit a USPS Form 1583 along with proof of ID. Please note, for this reason, all persons added to the account must be REAL people and be able to serve proof of identification.
What is the process for filing a claim on a package that was lost in shipping?
Use the “File a Claim” option under your account to submit a claim for any package that was noted as delivered to your address but never received by you. PLEASE do not use any other means of communication for lost packages such as, e-mail, phone or on-line chat. The only way to have the issue addressed is through the File a Claim option.
What happens when you can’t find my package?
V L Martin Enterprises makes every effort to avoid losing packages. However, as humans, we sometimes do make mistakes regardless of how hard we try to avoid them. We have an extraordinarily low rate for lost packages, but if your package is lost and we are unable to locate it, you will be reimbursed for the value of the contents. For this reason, it is very important to fill out the Customs Forms and hold on to your purchase receipts.
My package was not processed correctly. What do I do?
For packages that have been handled incorrectly or for instructions that were not properly followed, we have a “Report a Mistake” option that can be found on your account page under the “Special Request” heading. Please do not e-mail, call or use chat to contact customer service for these types of issues. The only way to get resolution is by using the Report a Mistake form.

If our investigation shows that a mistake was made on our end, you will be compensated. However, if it is discovered that you made a false report, there will be a $2.00 (two dollar) fee assessed to your account for compensation for our time to investigate and research the false information.

What restrictions are there on items that I can ship?
There is a definitive list of items that cannot be shipped under any circumstances. Please take note of these items prior to making any purchases for which you will be using our services.

Firearms or gun parts including;

  • scopes
  • red dot sights
  • reflexsights
  • ammunition

There are also items that are prohibited by the Department of Commerce, ITAR, US Customs And Border Patrol, US State Department,and US Department of Treasury. They include:

  • Explosive or flammable materials
  • Plants and animals (living or dead)
  • Corrosive materials
  • Pornography
  • Human remains
  • Any electronics or other items that require an ECCN
What choices do I have when it comes to shipping methods and am I permitted to use my direct account with my carrier?
There are a number of shipping methods available to our customers. They will be listed under your account and we provide a shipping calculator to help you determine costs of each method and which option is most cost effective for you. If you do not see a particular method listed, that means it is not available through our service.

Our service does not allow for processing using 3rd party accounts.

What payment methods do you accept?
We offer several payment options for customers including PayPal, Bitcoin, credit card and wire transfers. (**please check if there are any restrictions regarding credit card payments in your country before selecting that option)

Payments are made using the following method:

  • Log into your account
  • Select the Add Deposit option
  • Submit payment information

It is our preference that any payment amount greater than $500.00 (five hundred dollars) be made via Bitcoin or wire transfer. The system will display the available payment options for the transaction you select.

Do I have a spending limit?
Yes, all of our accounts come with spending limits. New accounts have a low spending limit initially, but increase as you begin to use the service. If, however, you use wire transfers, Bitcoin or direct payments that are made via our payment partners, there is no spending limit assessed for those transactions.

If you want to boost your spending limit quickly, we suggest you complete and submit a USPS Form 1583 and 2 forms of ID. Once you complete this action, your spending limit will automatically increase 50%. The form can be found on our website or the USPS website under forms.

What is the deposit option?
We offer adeposit option to customers who will be using our services often.The deposit option allows you to place money into your account for future transactions and keeps you from having to pay for each package processing separately. We will deduct the costs automatically as each package is processed. You can always check the status and balance of your account by logging in.
Can I use a credit card or PayPal account with a different name on it?
All forms of payment require that the names match the names on the V L Martin Enterprises. If items do not match, the account may be placed on hold and confirmation and verification of the identity of both the V L Martin Enterprises account holder and the payment account holder will have to be completed. A USPS Form 1583 will be required as well. This form must also be submitted if you intend to process any packages through the USPS. If they are found to not match, your account would require full verification through the submission of the USPS form 1583.

Any V L Martin Enterprises account using a stolen credit card will be closed by us immediately.

If any account that used a 3rd party card or 3rd party PayPal account receives a chargeback from the processor, the account will be closed immediately.

If I am a vendor of V L Martin Enterprises and I shipped items to one of your customers and received a chargeback, what do I do?
Despite our best efforts, these things sometimes occur. If you are one of our merchants or vendors that have received a chargeback referencing one of our clients, please notify us immediately.

We will launch an investigation on our end and if we find that a stolen credit was used, we will make arrangements to have your products returned to you as quickly as possible.

We have a zero tolerance policy for fraud and any account found to be guilty of theft or fraud via our investigation will be closed immediately.

For the convenience of our affiliated merchants, we have a program available that guarantees all sales that are directed through our business. This removes the risk of accepting international payments and we assume responsibility on our end. Merchants can freely accept international orders knowing that the payments are guaranteed on our end.


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