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Courier Services

V L Martin Enterprises provides courier services for the convenience of our customers. We can quickly deliver your packages and correspondence and our couriers operate under the strictest confidentiality guidelines.

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Business Mailbox Service

Have all of your business correspondence and shipments sent to one convenient location and our staff will take care of the rest. You have 24 hour access to information about your deliveries. It is like have your very own offsite mailroom.

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Business Fulfillment Services

Enjoy incredible discounts on shipping - as much as 20%. Our agile staff will take receipt of all your packages and inspect them for issues and damage. All of your tracking information will be entered into our system for you review whenever you need it.

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Exceptional Service - Mail Processing and Logistics

We understand the skepticism that business owners and managers feel when they think about outsourcing some of their operations. We are very confident that when you experience exactly what V L Martin Enterprises can do for you – your fears will be allayed and you will be more than satisfied with the service you receive from us.

Our reputation as a leader in the industry speaks volumes. We encourage you to find out for yourself why V L Martin Enterprises’s customers choose us time and time again. Contact us to find out how we can help your business run more efficiently and profitably.

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US Phone Lines

An international presence and huge savings! What more could you ask for? Stop paying international calling rates! Instead, call us today and get set up with our Phone Service and start saving.

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Personal Shopper

Hate shopping and never know what to get someone as a gift? Allow our personal shoppers to choose the perfect gift for your loved one. Both of you will be extremely pleased.

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Virtual Office

Is your business located overseas? Do you want to have and maintain a presence in the U.S.? Let us help. With your U.S. address and phone line, you can operate on an international level and cultivate a network of vendors and customers in the U.S. It’s all virtual and no one is the wiser.

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Why Choose Sendmeabox.com?

V L Martin Enterprises has garnered a reputation over the years as a leader in the logistics solutions and global shipping industry. We have worked tirelessly to provide our customers with impeccable service at unbelievably low prices.

We start with hiring the best and the brightest talent out there. Our employees receive ongoing training throughout their employment and are chosen for their dedication and unsurpassed work ethic. Confidentiality and the privacy of our customers is a top priority at V L Martin Enterprises and our employees are committed to helping us keep our promises to our clients. Each potential employee goes through a vigorous screening including background checks.

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Gift Wrapping

Do your presents look as if a preschooler wrapped them? Let our creative gift wrapping staff handle that for you. Your gift will be beautifully wrapped and accessorized and will be the most admired box on the gift table.

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Shipping Methods

No other company offers the pricing we do and certainly neither the options nor variety we do. Our customers do not lack selections and choices when it comes to shipping. There’s something for everyone.

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Shipping Rates

We challenge you to find another company who offers rates that would simply come close to ours. How do we do it? Years worth of developing networks and relationships with some of the biggest names in the business.

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  • Receiving packages from the United States to my business in Hong Kong can be a nightmare, until I found Sendmeabox.com. Now it’s easy, affordable, and surprisingly fast. I recommend this company to all my clients, and friends! A huge plus is that their customer service is top notch.

    Shanelle Dunneback

  • When I moved to Singapore, I thought I would have to say goodbye to all my favorite makeup products from Italy. Luckily, I don’t have to sacrifice my beauty, because Sendmeabox.com makes sure I can get everything I need without any hassle. Thank you!

    Truman Petit

  • I’m based in Chennai, but I sell handmade items crafted in Guadalajara. Before I started using Sendmeabox.com, I lost six packages in the post. Not anymore! Now I get everything I order, fast, and in pristine condition. I definitely couldn’t be happier!

    Ray Vickrey

  • I work with certain companies who won’t ship to an address outside the United States. Being based in Oaxaca, that can be a problem. Sendmeabox.com services make it so I can still get my packages, without having to move my business. They’re a lifesaver.

    Shirlee Start

  • When my parents moved me to Peru, I thought I would have to give up my favorite comic books. Luckily, they started using Sendmeabox.com, and I haven’t missed a single issue! I’ll never have to fall behind, and they get delivered just a few days after release. Thank you!

    Tesha Giorgio

  • I send dozens of packages every week out of my office in Southern Chile, and it’s crucial they arrive on time. Sendmeabox.com makes sure this happens, without fail. They are always available to help, and their prices are better than anyone I’ve found. Great company.

    Alise Carol

  • I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about Sendmeabox.com -- they are awesome! I’m a busy executive in Detroit, and their personal shopper service has saved me so many headaches. They get what I need, when I don’t have time to get out of my office.

    Janna Keala

  • Out of all the valuable services Sendmeabox.com offers, I think the most valuable for me is having a US phone number. Clients simply aren’t willing to place international calls to Uganda, so having a US number means I can keep my business going strong!

    Rashida Musial

  • Before I found Sendmeabox.com, I had to list my business contact information based on my physical address in Thailand. But Sendmeabox.com offers a full US presence, and my clientele has increased tenfold! I can’t believe it! I am beyond happy, and eager to recommend them to family, friends, and peers.

    Roxane Shropshire

  • Every week I have four or five packages that need to be hand delivered. I’ve used other courier services in the Denver area, but none are better than Sendmeabox.com. Fast, efficient, discreet, and affordable, they fulfill all my needs. I’ll never use another company.

    Dannie Cobbs

  • I’m an avid reader, with a penchant for novelettes published by some of the smaller presses in the United States. Living in a little town in Panama can make it pretty difficult to get ahold of new editions, though. Sendmeabox.com takes care of that, so I never miss a single book. Thank you!

    Vernetta Moten

  • Thank you, Sendmeabox.com! I order lots of things online, to be shipped to my home outside of Amsterdam, and Sendmeabox.com makes sure that every item is perfectly taken care of. Plus, they put multiple packages into one consolidated package for me, saving me tons of money!

    Alden Mcmartin

  • Sendmeabox.com is a brilliant company. Sometimes I’ll order something, then have to travel out of town for business when it’s supposed to be delivered. Happily, Sendmeabox.com will hold on to my package for a few days, until I return. Great customer service!

    Brittney Rollison

  • I’ll admit it--I’m terrible with gifts. I live in Southern Italy, while most of my family is in the United States, and birthday and Christmas gifts are constantly late. Sendmeabox.com helps me out so much with their gift-wrapping and delivery options. Thank you so much!

    Erik Portis

  • I can’t say enough good things about Sendmeabox.com. I ship thousands of dollars of goods from our processing plant in Madagascar, and they help me every step of the way. With low shipping rates, professional customer service, and flexible options, I have everything I need.

    Phillis Blumenfeld


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